About Us

Shades of You San Diego Wedding Services Rev. Joanna Caro
A beautiful personalized sand ceremony.

Here is a little about us:

Rev. JoAnna Caro

is an experienced consultant, teacher of world religions and an interfaith minister. This experience allows her to draw from many civil and religious platforms and she works closely with you helping you to write the perfect personalized vows for your own unique San Diego wedding ceremony.

We offer the following services to our brides and grooms:

    • All of our couples receive a written copy of their ceremony, with a lovely cover page done as an old fashioned wedding certificate.
    • Whether your ceremony is a formal occasion in one of San Diego’s premier resort hotels or barefoot on the beach, our attire will match your special occasion perfectly.


Buddy Boy’s Story:

San Diego Beach Weddings Buddy Boy(Yes, brides have asked if Buddy Boy could be their ring bearer)

Buddy Boy was a birthday gift to my husband five years ago. A 3 yr. old Cock-A-Poo mix, Buddy Boy was sponsored through PAWS by a family living in a condo in Coronado. Neither my husband nor I had ever been owned by a dog. First, seeing a picture of that sweet little face, and then interacting with a very smart, well-mannered and somewhat manipulative furry creature, we knew we were a match. He took us home on a leash and our lives together began to unfold.

Because my husband and I were business owners, we needed what is called “a shop dog.” In other words, we went to work and so did Buddy Boy. Little did we realize we had a real charmer on our hands. When a prospective bride and groom would arrive at the office, it was time for Buddy Boy to earn his dog biscuits. I would immediately warn my brides that he liked pretty women and if they were to sit back in their chair he would be up in their laps. As if on cue, he would hop up, throw his head against their hearts and look up lovingly into their eyes. He also made sure to spread the love around to my grooms often falling asleep in their laps until the contract was signed for the wedding day.

Other than my husband, I don’t think I could have hoped for a better business or life partner than Buddy Boy.