Wedding Extras

San Diego Wedding Extras Butterfly Release
Special services and add-ons that can be priced separately.
  • Rehearsal
  • Dove release
  • Butterfly release
  • Wine ceremony and breaking the glass.
  • Rose ceremony for the couple’s mothers
  • Sacred stones

Here are Just a few of life’s ceremonies that we can offer.

  •    Vow Renewalblonde
  •    Christening and Baby Naming Ceremonies
  •    Celebration of Life Ceremonies and Memorial Services



These ceremonies symbolize blending the essence of your individual lives into one.

Blending Sand Ceremony:

San Diego Beach Wedding Sand Ceremony

  • A decorative container and two smaller containers of different colored sand are poured together.
  • We bring a small table and all sand ceremony needs.
  • The center container can be sealed and taken home as a keepsake.


Blue Pacific Ceremony:

Flowing into the new life you are creating together.
San Diego Beach Wedding Blue Water Ceremony

  • Clear water from two smaller containers is poured over larger shells in a bigger container.
  •  We bring a small table and all pacific blue ceremony needs.
  • The clear water then turns blue. We have beautiful words concerning the significance of the color blue to your love and commitment.  
    (This is used merely a visual image to enhance your ceremony).