Rave Reviews – What my Happy Couples Are Saying…

Shades of You San Diego Wedding Services and Officiants

  • Joanna, First of all I apologize for not writing to you sooner. Wow, How could the best be yet to come When you captured the feeling so Magnificently :) Thank you for helping to make my Wedding day spectacular ! It will be the Splendid gift that keeps giving! We are forever grateful for your professionalism and knowledge of such an important ceremony and your easy-going nature that made it so easy for you to be with us. I will for sure be recommending you as the opportunity arises! And all my family loved meeting you. Grazie Mille :) Christine and Tony Sutton
  • Rev. Caro, We know it’s God’s will that we met and it’s God’s will that brought you to officiate at our wedding. May life bring you a reflection of the care and consideration you have given to us. From our hearts, we thank you. Vern & Evelyn
  • Dear Rev. Caro, Thank you for all of your help with rearranging the wedding. Also the vows were wonderful. Everyone loved the meaning behind them. You were great to work with and I thank you for all of your effort. Love, KintaShades of You San Diego Wedding Services and Officiants
  • JoAnna, You are the best! I mean it, you are the best! Everybody loved you! Honestly, JoAnna, we were so very confident that you would be great but we can’t fully express how wonderful you were! Of all the wedding decisions we made, our minister and our caterer were flawless! We will never be able to express our true appreciation. Thank you & God bless you! All our best wishes, Torrey & Charles
  • Dear JoAnna, We would like to thank you for the beautiful way you brought our two hearts together as one. You did so with unsurpassable style, grace and humor. We were truly lucky to find someone like you and we’ll make sure to keep you in mind for our next marriage. Just kidding! May God bless you. Juanita and Gordon
  • Thank you so much JoAnna. One of my greatest moments in life and you were in the lead!! Our choice of settings, your thoughtful words, the gathering of friends and family all brought our family & community together for a special day. Thank you. Mike
  • Dear Rev. Caro (AKA JoAnna) Wow, what a ride that was! Our wedding was truly spectacular and it all started with a beautifully orchestrated ceremony by you, of course. We knew from the moment we met you and you greeted us with hugs that you were the right officiant for us. You were well informed, understanding, and you took time to cater to our needs and requests. We could not have had a better individual to marry us! Thank you for all you did and we hope to remain in your thoughts, as you will always be in our memories. Love, Ryan & Danielle
  • JoAnna, thanks for being here for us and understanding who we are so quickly. You made this chapter in our life so memorable. Sincerely, Mitch & Michele
  • Dearest JoAnna, Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. You made it a very special day and I am so glad that we found you. You are sincere and delightful and you looked wonderful. It was a lovely day for us and your presence added that special something that really made the ceremony so beautiful. It was a pleasure having you there and we thank you for personalizing our service so beautifully… Jacqui & Gary Clarke
  • Our wedding day was special because we were lucky enough to be surrounded by the people we love. Thank you (Rev. JoAnna) for sharing in the start of our new life together… Jeremy & Kimberly
  • Rev. JoAnna – Words cannot express what you mean to us. You made our wedding a time to remember for the rest of our lives. Everyone, there, including us – were extremely impressed with the entire ceremony. Special thanks, Donald & Bernice Short
  • Rev. Jo Anna Thank you for those wonderful words at our wedding ceremony. Perce & I truly appreciated your kindness. We were touched and very appreciative of everything you did for us. Truly that day was a blessing that we will never forget. You are bound by the grace of God and may he keep you in his ever burning light forevermore. We pray for you and wish there were more people in the world like you. Again, thank you for making our special day unforgettable. With much love and admiration, Billy & Perce Smith
  • This is David, Megan’s father, who so enjoyed meeting you last week at what was, for me and most everyone who attended, one of the most moving, emotionally uplifting experiences of our lives.  Can’t tell you how many folks told me that it was “the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to.”  And much of the reason for that and the high I’m still on rests with you and  your fine handling of the service – tasteful, poignant, and personal. Karen and I thank you for what you obviously do so artfully, effectively and naturally…your presence made an enormous contribution to elevating a wedding to something more than the mere ceremony tradition.  Megan had raved about you after her first meeting with you, and I now see why and how accurate she was.  Your distinctive voice, your control without being controlling, your sensitive words, and flexible demeanor combined to shepherd the entire company through an absolutely beautiful experience none of us will ever forget.  I very much hope our paths cross again… Shalom, David and Karen
  • JoAnna – You are the best!  I mean it you are the best!  Everybody loved you!  Honestly, JoAnna, we were so very confident that you would be great, but we can’t fully express how wonderful you were.  Of all the wedding decisions we made – our minister and our caterer were flawless!  We’ll never be able to express our true appreciation.  Torry and Charles
  • Dear JoAnna – We wanted to thank you so much for sharing our special day!  The ceremony was beautiful; we got so many compliments on you and your delivery.  Love – The Sundstroms
  • Dear Rev. JoAnna – Thank you for your time and splendid performance.  My family loved your energy and Marc and I loved your passion for words.  You’re truly appreciated.  Many thanks and love always,  Shawndre and Marc.