How to Change your Name after you get married

Most people don’t know how to change their name after they get married and changing your name can be challenging. At Northwest Wedding Services I think it is important to make your nuptials as stress free as possible. One way I can help is to provide you with some information about how to change your name/ address after you get married. It is important to know what paperwork you will need to submit and who to contact. To help you stay organized we developed a name/address change checklist that you can download and use to keep track of the people you will need to contact.    Download a Name/Address Change Checklist pdf


The following information will make changing your name easier. I have included links to some of the the government agencies and other information you will need to change your name or address.

  • Apply for a name change with the Social Security Administration
  • Apply for name change with the DMV
  • Passport Name Change Information
  • Credit card companies (usually have name and address update form on their bills)
  • Utility companies (usually have name and address update form on their bills)
  • Post Office (to change your address online)
  • Employer (for large companies speak with your HR representative)
  • School (speak with administration)
  • Family and Friends (wedding gift ‘thank you’ notes should have your new name and/or address)
  • Notify any organizations you belong to
  • Insurance company (auto, home, life)
  • Financial institutions (banks, credit unions, stock brokers)